The Neater Group conducts its construction activities with Sustainability in mind. Neater is committed to reducing its social, environmental and economic impact by the design and incorporated technologies for building projects. Neater actively promotes the latest in green technology and building products to its client as alternative options to the standard products available. In many instances this can produce a better end result to the top and bottom line of both Neater and its clients. These new products and technology always represent a more sustainable option requiring less non-renewable resources to produce and/or to operate.

Neater is also committed to the reduction of demolition and building waste ending up in land fill. At present it is estimated that one third of landfill is created from the construction and demolition industries. Neater implements waste minimisation strategies to reduce excess building waste through design, and recycling recoverable materials separating glass, metals and timber to be sent to recycling facilities or re-using materials for other purposes fit for use.


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