The Neater Group approaches all projects with the same mentality, that all projects are completed safely and without bringing harm to our environment, causing damage to fragile ecosystems. Neater operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) in alignment with ISO 14001 and ensures that its operations comply with the relevant state/territory legislation and codes of practice, at a minimum. 

Unlike some other companies Neater realises that the world is changing from the "old school" mentality that the environment is not worth protecting, and is shifting towards an ever increasing awareness and responsibility for company activities to have as little impact as possible on the environment.

Neater has completed a number of projects for government departments and mining corporations who require a stringent approach to environmental protection.  Neater is concious of local council and governmental body requirements when it comes to working in tidal areas and ensuring appropriate environmental controls are installed correctly and compiling detailed erosion sediment control plans.

Neater firmly believes that being an environmentally conscious company provides a competitive edge over its competitors, while also having the ability to allow the company to provide cost saving, environmentally friendly options in the construction of projects.


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