From small scale to large scale civil projects, Neater Commercial Constructions (NCC) has the expertise, the staff and network of suppliers & engineers to deliver your project efficiently, effectively and economically. NCC operates primarily through it’s Cairns office but is able to deliver projects abroad across Queensland.

NCC possesses both the technical knowledge and Quality Management System to ensure that your civil project is delivered hassle free and to industry standards. You will have the peace of mind that your project will be completed on schedule and without significant envirionmental breaches.

NCC provides construction of the following:

  •     Road Construction
  •     Bridge Construction
  •     Civil Landscaping
  •     Footpath Construction
  •     Sub-Divisions
  •     Infrastructure
  •     Underground Works
  •     Car Parks
  •     Earthworks
  •     Drainage and services
  •     Concrete & Rock revetments


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